Below we have listed our most requested services, but please remember that we are not limited to these. We also offer bespoke solutions to each and every client we take on. For more information on what we can do for you please call us on 0845 013 2411.

As you are probably already aware, all organisations are different. Hence our prices differ from company to company. To discuss prices or to receive a comprehensive quote on what we can do for you, please call us on 0845 013 2411.

Title Sales Coaching Solutions
  • Managing expectations.
  • Managing change and its effect on sales.
  • Sales coaching skills.
Scale This service can de designed to slot into a corporate training programme to further improve the sales effectiveness of the workforce.
Title Selling Skills Workshop
  • We know what successful selling looks like. Have you ever seen it in action?
  • After years of investigation into what seperates a highly skilled sales workforce from an average one, no one knows what is required more than Gerry Hogan.
  • The result of all this? Robust sales models designed which are based more on sales fact than assumption.
Scale We have developed Sales Skill sets, these have been found to work in all areas of sales from Retail sales to Global management sales.Thats not to say that one “size fits all” but here at Gerry hogan Sales Coaching we have the answer to any sales need that you may have.

Our Programmes can be delivered to company programmes or “in house projects” so whether you are  a sole trader or a large multionational then you can access our expertise.

Title Coaching Skills Workshop
Brief These coaching workshops provide skills and learning for coaches and can be easily fit into any corporate programme. This concentrates on taking the coaches skills to a new level. You will leave the day with a training manual and resources which will allow you to implement this information into your chosen workplace.

  • A special optional question and answer session on “How to improve the sales performance of your business”
  • A training manual. This pack will include information on results coaching.
  • Using  the Tgrow model to achieve goals and results.
  • How to build a better sales team and keep them motivated.
  • The questions and answers of sales performance
Scale Any size

Title Negotiation Skills Training
Brief  What do Skilled negotiators do?Gerry Hogan has dealt with many companies and helped to transform their negotiation capabilities over the years.  Over the years we have accquired a great understanding of what is required in terms of negotiation, and we bring this to the workplace. Our endeavour and skill has helped us to understand the process of a skilled negotiater.
Scale Our Skill sets have been proven to work by people in all walks of industry.  Folllow our model and your team can be as successful as the very best.

Title Customer Services Training
Brief In business the role of the customer can never be underestimated.  In todays demanding economic climate its important now more than any other time.  Fail to provide a service to your clients and you risk ruining your reputation.  So it makes great sense investing to get it right
Scale We can deliver our programme to you on any scale you desire.  So be confident that Gerry Hogan Sales coaching has a solution for you irrespective of your location, company or training need.

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