About Us

Gerryr-HoganMy Sales Training specialises in Retail, Telephone, Business to Business and Business to Customer, Sales Coaching. any organisations have benefited from my expertise and unique approach, in providing them with the various sales solutions, to help their staff to improve their sales performance, and increase customer service.

My enthusiasm, refreshing approach, and natural motivational and leadership skills, help people to feel at ease and adds a personal touch to my sessions.

We specialise in providing the following.

  • In house sales training. This is often the most cost effective way for a business.
  • Sales Coaching. My one to one sales coaching sessions will help to keep you motivated and focused, to help you reach your desired goal or outcome. I will push and challenge you, to help you to attain your goals. I will also help you to improve your working environment and your working life in general. I will help you to cover every angle required. I will help you to analyse the product or service you are offering to customers, and how you deal with excuses and complaints from your customers. I will teach you about the subconscious conversation you are having with the client, in areas such as the use of open questions, leading the client, assuming, highlighting the benefits and features of what you are offering, and by listening to the clients needs and tailoring the conversation to what the client is saying.
  • Sales Consulting. My sales consulting will help you to improve the sales performance of your staff and help to increase their customer awareness, whilst still maintaining their necessary sales drive.

Our delivery makes the difference

My Sales Coaching recognises that client based organisations operate in a very demanding environment that places restrictions on time and resources. I realise that businesses interact with their customers on many levels and to realise the full potential of your business, you need to work with your staff to improve their behaviour and performance. Your sales staff can then improve their skills and understand the sales process. I help to create a culture that lives and breathes sales, and improves customer satisfaction.

I can help your staff to

  • Have an effective referral system in place for each of your staff.
  • Exceed their sales targets.
  • Help them to eliminate the activities that cost them time during a day, when they could be making sales or being proactive for the company.
  • Qualify their leads more efficiently.
  • Improve their questioning and listening skills with innovative methods, and help them to develop and build a rapport with their client.
  • Overcome objections which are preventing them from really excelling.

How am I different?

  • Knowledge. Gerry Hogan appreciates through his own coaching experience that clients have all the answers, and in many cases need an impartial voice to get them back on track to help them achieve their goals.
  • Long term relationships. We appreciate that business evolves and changes, and that clients needs and desires also change. We are very committed to a long term relationship to help companies and people meet their requirements.
  • Behaviours. We also concentrate on behaviours and not just process which is very important for companies looking to improve sales and customer service performance.
  • Support. We deliver constant support to clients and companies after the initial consultation, and can tailor any session to match the requirements of the company. We provide rigorous and extensive research for the company to help them grow and evolve.
  • Presentation. Presentations are insightful and designed to be a catalyst for change. Delivery is very clear and all presentations are energetic, fun and interactive to help sales staff reach their goals, in a comfortable and safe environment.
  • Looking to the future. Even though the past is what companies look at in terms of results, We prefer to look to the future for a company. To have a seamless process in place that is full of reality and options for the company, and will help them to also move forward.
  • Customisation. Gerry Hogan Sales Coaching provides training that is relevant to the target audience. This helps to implement the clients strategies, products and challenges. This helps and contributes greatly to an improved ROI.

I customise my curriculum to cater for your industry.
– Insurance
– Pharmaceutical
– Professional services
– High tech
– Call Centres
– Retail
– Manufacturing
– Finance

  • Results. Everything with Gerry Hogan Sales Coaching is results orientated, and offers the critical components to a company needed to maximise results.

The key to effective sales coaching is one to one service. This unique approach is key to what I offer. I deliver coaching to groups of people, but also one to one sales coaching to management who are ultimately responsible for sales results, and good customer service.

Why does one to one coaching with me work?

  • One to one coaching makes people accountable for their results. With one to one coaching with there is no hiding place for underachieving staff, and acceleration to a greater position for those who are empowered.
  • Sales managers may not have the necessary time or resources to help underachieving staff. When we train staff and team leaders how to coach their teams, the benefits are enormous.
  • It allows sales staff to be open in a non threatening situation. They are unlikely to be as open with their boss. We help to increase the motivation or recreate the motivation of your staff.
  • Sales coaching is outcome orientated, and helps to improve sales performance in some case hours never mind days or weeks. I understand this, and with my sales coaching experience and NlP techniques, I can help to remove the limiting behaviour of the seller or salesforce.
  • Sales coaching will also lead to greater customer care and invariably greater customer retention. Customers are very important to Gerry Hogan Sales Coaching. Effective sales coaching will equip sales staff with the necessary skills and strategies to increase the quality of the customer experience, build customer loyalty, and ensure that customer service becomes a differentiating factor that leads to increased business.