Welcome to Gerry Hogan Sales Training

As leaders in Sales training and Personal development, We have worked with individuals and companies to raise their level of Customer service, Business and Sales expertise. Our aim is to develop and train sales and business personnel in the key areas required to make someone a successful sales person.

These areas include building and developing relationships, prospecting, and working with others. We aim to do this in a safe secure way, and in an environment that is comfortable for our clients. We value your input and guarantee that with our input, and your co-operation that you the client will reap the benefits.

Sales are never won or lost on price alone. Our Team will introduce you to techniques and strategies designed to improve your conversion rate and save you money with our proven sales methods.

We provide tangible results by providing the following.

  • Delivering the information in a number of formats.
  • Engaging learners to ensure the training is enjoyable.
  • A healthy top class approach to sales and business training based on clear measured objectives.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity.”

Sales Lead Generation

Why do companies and individuals in companies not reach their true potential, especially when they have a healthy product or service in the marketplace???

This is usually due to a lack of lead generation. We can help you to achieve your potential by helping you with the following.

  • Online Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Telemarketing

Our aim as a Company is to bridge the gap between employer and employee, and employee and customer.

Our Sales and Business programmes at very competitive rates show you, and your team how to improve your customer service and selling techniques and strategies.

“Customers are the king in any business. As a sales professional, if you act as their best advisor, counselor and mentor by discussing their needs in a friendly way, you can win the confidence and trust of the customers.”

Announcing Sales Achievement

Sales Coaching achievement is something that we have introduced to help struggling and already thriving sales professionals to further their learning and growth. Candidates examine all the key characteristics, beliefs, and value systems that are part of their make up.

This helps to increase their strengths, and reduce their weaknesses in the sanctuary and safety of a learning environment.

If you would like any more any information on this, or any of our other services,┬áthen feel free to call us on 0845 013 2411 and speak to a member of my team or send us an email at [email protected].